♥️🐥🐝 MY STORY - HEALING NATURALLY hypothyroidism, candida, spider veins, chronic depression, infertility, vaccine damage, bursitis, also about my hair loss, weight-loss and more!


My health issues BEFORE 2-year intense detox

Fruits, Dry Fasts, Herbs

  1. Hypothyroidism (parathyroid & pituitary gland issues) + 20 years INFERTILITY
  2. Fast gaining weight & hard to lose any weight lead to unhappiness with my weight & I hated my body (70 kg, 180 cm), always bloated with a lower belly sticking out
  3. Slow growing nails & hair (brittle, weak)
  4. Moodiness & constant chronic  exhaustion
  5. Major vaccination damage at age 13 (got a huge blister after injection that was getting reinfected for months, headaches & throwing up for 3 days after)
  6. Gray hair at age 16 & extreme fear of fireworks later due to the bombing of my home 1991-1995 (Ex-Yugoslav wars - Serb attacks on Slovenia & Croatia) - extreme anxiety & fear around New Years & Christmas holidays due to celebrations with pyrotechnics
  7. Extreme lung issues (3 years of constant pneumonia & antibiotics after exposure to asbestos & toxins in NYC on 9/11, lost a child due to toxins under WTC - ground zero)
  8. Years of suicidal chronic depression (after intense therapy with IVF artificial hormones) & manic thoughts before bedtime (insomnia - pineal gland weakness)
  9. Anxiety attacks that would physically paralyze me before, while & after plane flights (especially when heavy turbulence hit), finished at ER after crazy landing in Zürich with lack of any feeling on the left side (always taking Rodea Rosea)
  10. Taken away gall bladder against my wish in 2011 (liver, kidney issues, fat processing issues) after the unsuccessful liver flush (stones got stuck in various areas of my body)
  11. Spider veins
  12. Prolapsed transverse colon
  13. Nail fungus and ingrown nail on my toes
  14. Tons of blemishes & acne on my face, back, chest, buttocks for decades (I would not leave my house without a major makeup procedure)
  15. Extreme constipation - would not go to #2 for a week or 2
  16. Declining vision & hearing
  17. Constant skin burns after little sun exposure
  18. A lot of birthmarks, dark age spots everywhere, freckles
  19. NO proper ovulations for a decade, strong, long lasting extremely painful periods (6+ days) and hard PMS
  20. Cold sores every few months
  21. Chronic right hip pain (I was a breech baby and had dislocated hips after birth that had to be relocated and put in the cast) - diagnosed bursitis/tendinitis
  22. Overactive brain (always 5 or more things happening in my head - overwhelmed by creative ideas, inventions, overachiever, pressure to save the world from injustices, sadness, disappointment in a human kind after war & terrorist attacks & disrespect to other Earthlings & nature, after many losses - scared of love too...) - adrenal gland weakness

Protocol & process of detoxification

About 2 Years: Late 2016 - Early 2018


90+% fruit, weekends - juicing 1-2 days (organic oranges, apples), some vegan cheat food (1-2 x month), organic salads with lemon-avocado-garlic dressing (a bit tender greens, but primarily organic tomatoes, zucchinis), 1x a week some raw pine nuts or almonds (3 - 5 max)


daily - intermittent dry fasting 12-16 hours for years & still now at least 12  hours (no long dry fasts)


1 year of 3 x a day Heal all tea, 3 months feminine tonic, 3 months adrenal tonic, parathyroid tonic 2 months ...

Healing crisis

1st healing crisis after 6 months (3 days organic grapefruit juice fast)
Fever 103, excruciating pain in the chest, extreme headache (only able to be in a dark room - light hurt), unbearable pains in kidneys, liver, reproductive organs & intestines. Pus & light blood out of reproductive organs, coughing mucus... drank heal all tea & organic orange juice only for 4 days & after major filtering & feeling like I have a new body & mind, weight 53 kg (182 cm) so a major drop in 6 months

2nd healing crisis after 12 months
14 days of extreme pain in the reproductive system, 6 days of extreme vaginal bleeding (ovulation day), fever between 37-39 C, excruciating pains in liver & kidneys & was unable to walk for 2 weeks... stopped it with bowl of baked potatoes, weight 57 kg, after regular (like I did 12 years before) hair coloring I lost all of my hair (was wearing a wig for 3 months)

After 1st healing crisis regular daily filtering.

AFTER 2018


  1. Hypothyroidism gone (even during pregnancy perfect) & healthy BABY boy at age 48
  2. Love my body & weight  (about 60 kg, 180 cm), flat stomach always
  3. Fast growing strong nails & hair
  4. Way less gray hair, some areas became unusually dark, still scared of fireworks but less extreme fear.
  5. Less visible scar from vaccination.
  6. No more pain or any issues with lungs for 2, 5 years, extreme endurance enhancement (can lift more weight & walkway longer without any issues)
  7. Happy & way calmer & satisfied with myself & fantastic life I have, insane obsession with getting pregnant gone too - happy to be me
  8. Still sensitive to fats but my body eliminates them ASAP by enhanced colon elimination (diarrhea)
  9. Spider veins 90% gone (none came back while pregnant or later)
  10. Transverse colon prolapse is less visible in my eyes
  11. Before gray/light blue/white eyes are now blue & getting darker (clearing lymphatic stagnation)
  12. Nail fungus on my toes - gone and no more ingrown nails
  13. Can walk for 8 hours without getting tired, lift heavy weight, work in the garden in the sun &  have very stressful situations but react ok... Can also talk for many hours without getting exhausted like before.
  14. Soft & glowing & super clean skin
  15. Regular bowel movements 1-2 x a day (1-3 hours after a meal)
  16. Enhanced vision, taste, smell & hearing
  17. No skin burns even after long sun exposure - love the sun now!
  18. Much fewer birthmarks, dark age spots, freckles
  19. Extremely “rich” ovulations every 2-3 months, short, light periods and almost unnoticeable PMS
  20. No cold sores in 2.5 years
  21. Occasional pain in a hip (PMS)
  22. A bit less crazy active brain & ability to monitor my thoughts enhanced: still tons of creative ideas, inventions but nicer to myself & understanding my weaknesses & strength better...Still sad not to be living in a cruelty-free vegan world in tune with planet Earth more & other Earthlings but connecting to other like-minded people (ethical vegan community)  gives me hope