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I have finished a university of architecture in Ljubljana (officially I am an architectural engineer) and after MFA Computer Arts in New York City had a long career in advertising. When we moved to Europe in 2010 with my “Boston” husband I wanted to live more in tune with my core ethical believes. I have started a low profit ethical, healthy fashion and home mini project BeeZee EcoLand that is helping 3 single moms in my birth country Slovenia. I got 5 awards so far but I knew there must be something more for me out there.

And it was.

When my mom got diagnosed with 3rd stage colon and ovarian cancer in 2014 I wanted to help. After allopathic doctors messed me up few times (look into my story section) I knew I need to stop my mom from doing chemo, radiation, and surgery they planned for her. For 5 days I kept repeating to her: ”Who loves you more? Me or those doctors?” They scared her to death literally and she actually had a session of radiation I did not agree on at all.  I did not know much about natural healing at the time except I was vegan for almost 3 decades already (my mom 10 years at that point too), was reading books on macrobiotics at age 12 and experimenting on myself, became reiki master in 2007 in New York City and was always truly into spirituality and natural remedies that are traditional to my native Slovenia (the most sustainable country in the world with the lowest newborn deaths in the world as well).

My mom and I both love fruit (not green juices and veggies so much, give us that sugar please 😀 ) and at that time I familiar  Gerson therapy online for a few years, had watched tons of videos made by plant-based doctors (inspired me to do Plant-Based Healing Certificate at Cornell University), and I had read a bit about fasting. So we did fruit juices and fasts and we made juices out of the wild stinging nettle we collected ourselves. In terms of 8 months with major ups and downs and some healing crisis we managed to make mom cancer free and she is still in her top health 3 years later.

Later her friends, friends of the friends and wider family followed - word to mouth style organic way.

In late 2016 my husband discovered Dr. Robert Morse MD on YouTube and he called me: ”Bianca, look, there is a gentleman who is healing people with fruits like you!” We both became certified detox specialists shortly after, I became obsessed with iridology and Dr. Bernard Jensen as well (also Arnold Ehret, Dr. Sebi, …) and then we saw what is TRULY possible in the world of natural healing.

One of my earliest memories in life was me getting a horrible strep at age 4 (I was a vegetarian child eating daily dairy, processed sugars and grains = organic local butter, organic local raw honey, and organic dark wholegrain bread) and my mom bought me a huge bag of mandarines. I ate only mandarines whole day and the next day I was ok. This happened a lot and sometimes I would eat mandarines, sometimes oranges that became my favorite fruit ever! When I heard Dr. Robert Morse story that he healed himself on oranges too I knew - there is something to the citruses here. Additionally, I fell into my first healing crisis after 3 days of organic grapefruit juice and could not drink anything while the healing crisis was happening but organic OJ and super strong Heal All Tea by Dr. Morse.

Help people self-heal with the holistic wholesome natural approach - base is detoxification with cellular regeneration method that was used already by Greeks, Romans, recently Dr. Arnold Ehret, Dr. Sebi,  Dr. Bernard Jensen, and Dr. Robert Morse.

Clients have 100% control over every step.

All “diseases”  have the same source, allopathic medicine gives a name to symptoms in order to prescribe suppressing only help (chemical drugs, radiation, surgery) - we help people address the core of the problem without side effects.

- iridology and sclerology to determine systematic health issues

- detoxification and right diet for humans - frugivores to prevent acidosis and stagnation of cellular waste that causes destruction and mutations of the cells

- resting (intermitted fasts, fasting, sleep)

- herbs (or Dr. Morse combination of herbs)

- proper breathing techniques to alkalize and oxidize the body

- grounding (balancing the electric charge of our body)

- sun and moon gazing (pineal gland decalcification)

- positive affirmations & visualizations

- exercises that support lymphatic movement  (long walks, yoga, swimming… )

- lymphatic massages (Thai traditional massage towards kidneys), sauna…

- reconnecting to nature (touching trees, earth, water…)

- basically, activate natural self-healing system every human body has that is achieved by proper diet and change of lifestyle

I was a skeptic at first too. I am very scientific - the technical person at the core with a big passion for art. My dad loves experimenting with electronics, invents devices, loves physics, history, math and had successful construction company before retiring (he comes from a country where Nikola Tesla was born & grew up - Croatia). As a kid I spent a lot of time with him in a basement inventing spying devices, making radios and wanted to be a scientist at age 8, a vet at age 12 or a doctor at age 17! I wanted to do RECONSTRUCTIVE SURGERY but the department was full few years in a row so I did entrance exams for architecture university and got in (also to help my dad with his construction company later). My mom did interior design and accounting before the retirement.

This process simply works and daily I see “miracles” happen and I do not believe in miracles at all! There are no long-term side effects to this process, you are 100% in charge of all of it and everybody can benefit. I have never seen/met anybody fail to improve or heal their health issues if he or she follows the protocol and stay positive. I will let you know if and when that happens for sure 😀

Hypothyroidism, Hyperthyroidism, Obesity, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Infertility, Diabetes, Anxiety, Depression, Gastritis, Crohn’s Disease, Fibromyalgia, Arthritis, Migraines, Eczema, Psoriasis, Acne, Herpes Virus, Scoliosis, Asthma, Low/High Blood Pressure, Kidney Failure, Ulcerative Colitis, Fibroids, various tumors, unexplainable pains and more…

Iridology is a study of the iris of the eyes, as it relates to cellular weaknesses (genetics) and congestion (toxicity). Iridology is practiced worldwide and dates back over 500 years. The Science of Iridology is growing leaps and bounds as specialized cameras and computers are designed to take an even deeper look into the study of the iris. Every cell in your body reflects itself through the nervous system to the brain and optic nerves. As tissues become weakened and congested, changes occur in the fibers of the iris of the eye. The iris fibers have been mapped out correspondingly to the related tissues in the body. By observing these fibers, changes, and colors in the iris, we can analyze your body's strengths, weaknesses and toxicity levels.

🎥 Watch my video "Iridology 101" to learn more:  www.youtu.be/ExxCMtJy1Lw

Your iris fibers tell a story of your body's cellular strengths and weaknesses, starting with your inherent patterns given to you by your parents. The iris of the eye registers tissue changes as they relate to cellular strengths, weaknesses, and toxicity. An Iris Report is especially valuable in your journey of getting healthy and healing!

🎥 Watch my video "Iridology 101" to learn more:  www.youtu.be/ExxCMtJy1Lw

Doctors like to blame all diseases on viruses, bacteria, ticks, and pathogens; but nothing can be further from the truth! If you go down that road of treating diseases by trying to kill off pathogens, you will end up with no answers and hurting yourself or dying! 99 percent of all illnesses have nothing to do with the blood system but have everything to do with the lymphatic system and issues in your digestive tract (GIT).

Pharmaceutical drugs cannot heal your body, they shove the problem back deep into your tissues and cells through the suppression of symptoms. The body then breaks down even more with time and creates even more serious life-threatening issues in the future. Drugs do not cure. Only detoxification can.

Cellular wastes and damaging chemistry like bad foods, chemicals, pollutants, stress, radiation and such are all acidic and damage the tissue and kill cells in the body. With detoxication, we cleanse the body of all these things and use the herbs to regenerate and reawaken the cells to vitality and health again. To bring your body back into wellness, you must alkalize it with the foods you were meant to eat for your species. These foods are fruits and herbs - the true healers of the body. We are the ones responsible to eliminate our suffering, change our habits to healthy, life-promoting ones and put an end to the suffering of all future generations.

Fruits enable our body to truly heal. Our brain and body run on simple unprocessed sugars (fructose) the best. You cannot truly heal disease if your diet does not include the healthiest foods on the planet. Fruits are the most alkaline, hydrating, nutritious, highest energy giving, ASTRINGENT, the most non-violent delicious foods created for humans. Humans are frugivores. A predominate fruit diet is what will keep human health beyond their years with no illness.

It is unfortunate because the medical establishment and educational systems have taught people that all sugars – including fruit sugars – should be kept to a minimum for good health, for weight loss, for those that have blood sugar issues/diabetes, for those that have fungal issues like candida and so on. This, however, is completely false.

For most people doing fasts of any kind can be scary but we know fasting on fruits juices, water, and dry fasting can have amazing benefits to our bodies in the terms of cellular detoxification and regeneration. Fasting gives to our bodies an opportunity to self-heal. When non-human animals get ill - they stop eating and sometimes also drinking. Fasts are rest for your organs, so they can focus on healing and restoring. There is a major difference between fresh fruit juice fasting, water fasting, and dry fasting, so let us touch each one of them. Before we go into that let us review the basics of Dr. Morse teachings. We know our cells eat and poop just like a baby would at all times in our lives - nutrition comes via blood (what we eat and drink - GIT) and waste leaves via lymphatic waste channels (kidneys, GIT, 3rd kidney - skin); if this waste doesn't get properly eliminated, the result is acidosis all over the body. Healthy GI tract, lymphatic system (endocrine system) and kidneys are the key to the ultimate health and preventing this acidosis, which if not addressed will eventually also cause major issues and symptoms allopathic doctors call dis-eases. So we need to daily alkalize our body via diet, environment, our thoughts, emotions, lifestyle in general… For differentiating the fruit juice, water, and dry fasts we need to understand that each one of our cells has inside intracellular water (internal tissues) and is surrounded with extracellular water (what we drink f.i.). Each one of these fasts influences these a bit differently. If you are ill, eating a SAD diet and taking a lot of medications you need to take it slow and be patient with your body. So maybe start with wholesome plant-based diet, after few months switch to raw plant-based diet, then only raw fruits and fresh fruit juices for few months and then do a shorter water and dry fast. While doing all of this you can start with intermittent dry fasting (maybe 12-14 hours per day, sleeping included) and after few months on fruits do longer water and even better dry fast. We want to prevent toxins bursting out of your cells/organs and creating massive trouble for you. Please do not think a random fast here and then is a long-term solution to our problems with acidosis. Doing a crazy fast and then eating bad stuff right after will reverse the benefits straight away and probably be quite unpleasant. Only major long-term lifestyle change is the key to a healthy and happy life (raw plant-based diet or even better fruitarian diet and intermittent dry fasts being the core).

- banished cravings - reset after an unhealthy period (like for all other animals too) - resets your taste buds (more likely to crave healthier choices) - the highest level of detoxification, regeneration = healing - easy to do daily - intermittent dry fasting - better digestion - improved heart function - boosts the immune system - improve glucose tolerance - stimulate the brain function - help prevent cancer - promote weight loss - increase fat metabolism - look, feel & be younger

We can do fresh cold-pressed fruit juice fast at any stage, but the healing crisis might hit us - so please educate yourself on symptoms of the healing crisis (I have added a list of mild, medium and severe healing crisis symptoms in FILE section of this group) in order to know what to expect, so you do not get scared and run to ER for no reason, but if you definitely feel you need to go to ER - please do not hesitate to do so. With severe acidosis - cancers and truly destroyed GIT (extreme eating disorders f.i. too) where body is truly exhausted and cells are destroyed - fruit juice fasting is superior to water/dry fasting - cells are cleaning and also getting nutrition to build new cells at the same time while our GIT, kidneys and most organs rest. Please do not put any cancer patients on extreme water or dry fast without the supervision of an expert, but partial or whole day fruit fasts are fantastic. With painful GIT I always recommend we start with organic apples (mild) or watermelon (high water content) and for more intense cleaning powers astringent juices are fantastic (citruses, grapes). Please make sure you use organic fruits to avoid bringing in more toxins (pesticides, insecticide, glyphosate, fungicides). A lot of people suffer from candida and fungus and bacterial imbalances due to taking too many antibiotics and other sulfur filled medications. Fruit juice fasts balance this ratio of good and bad bacteria and fungus wonderful. While fruit fasting try and rest as much as possible but it is also great while you are living your life to the fullest and go about your daily life because energy level will be very high at all times (except if you hit some healing crisis). I recommend about a gallon of fresh cold-pressed juice per day just to keep you going smoothly thought-out your day without major hunger striking in.

Personally and based on my experience with clients I am not a huge fan of water-fasts because we truly need to know what we are doing. I do recommend short water fasts when a person is on a raw plant-based diet for a while and just want to detox fast while still going about their daily life uninterrupted. For me personally, water fasts are harder to do than dry fasts because of cravings last about 3 days. I am not a fan of water fasts also for these reasons: - water is sadly more on an acidic side (H2O) - it is hard to find clean water these days (fluoride, chloride, small particles from copper or plastic tubes that deliver us water in urban areas…) - distilled water has somewhat ruined molecular structure and putting it on the sun in green glass bottles can truly restore and revitalize that water - access to truly clean spring water is almost impossible for most of us - while drinking water our organs still need to work and are not resting 100% as they do with dry fast for instance (kidneys) - water in fruits is SUPERIOR to water from a faucet or distilled water because it is filtered through the earth, trees and leaves and easier for our cells to process and use plus it includes also minerals from the earth (more hydrating) Short water fasts up to 3 days are fantastic and fast clean up of your cells and body, easy to do if you are on a raw plant-based diet already, but please make sure you get high-quality clean water and think about slow transition to the normal foods (do before and after maybe 1 day fruit juice fast) for the best results and no shocks to the body. John Rose has a great video about comparing water to fruit fasts here: https://youtu.be/-TigLxIMQpI

While dry fasting intra-cellular water gets used not only extra-cellular water, so deeper healing can happen, damaged from acidosis cells start getting replaced by brand new healthier cells. Dry fasting repairs also stem cells. That is why dry fasting is easier and more beneficial than water fasting. While dry fasting ALL of our organs truly rest. Basically, dry fasting is more effective than water fasting because inflammation and bacteria need water to exist. Disease and pathogens that live inside your body will die if they don’t get access to enough hydration. That’s why dry fasting allows the rejuvenating process to take place faster and be more effective. To touch a bit more science behind it...It takes 10-12 hours for our liver to use up all it's sugar storage. Most people don't go 10-12 hours without eating, so this storage is never used up. When our cells are finally done with digestion, and the sugar storage is used up, the cells can now turn towards healing. If you get the sugar storage used up, then our body starts burning fat and produces ketone bodies. Ketones produce an alternative fuel to the neurons that boost these neuron's energy levels. This is because fasting increases the production of proteins in the brain called neurotrophic factors. It is these factors that promote the growth of neurons, the connection of neurons, and the strengthening of the synapses. It is a bit of a "good stress" that causes nerves to get protected, nerve cell circuits become more active, nerve cell starts to repair DNA better, the number of mitochondria to the nerve cells increases and production of new nerve cells from stem cells (at least in the hippocampus) is boosted too. Please do not do long 24+ hours dry fasts if you are not on a raw plant based or even better 90%+ fruitarian diet at least for a few months (my recommendation is 3 months), but feel free to jump into intermitted dry fasting (daily 12+ hours) straight away to give your body truly daily time to rest in a best possible way. Like with water fast, the best would be to do few days of fruit juice fast before and after the long dry fast. 1 day of dry fasting is equivalent of 10 days of juice fasting or 3 days of water fasting. Dry fasting for as little as 3 days can regenerate and resets the entire immune system.

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The highest energy and the most non-violent food on this planet created for human species.

Daily rest your organs and enable them to self-heal...

Botanicals speed up and help with the detoxification & regeneration on the cellular level.