Some of the positive experiences of our clients!

A natural way of improving your health. Under our guidance.

⭐️ “ I started working with Bianca a little over a month ago. This is the best decision I have made on my healing detox journey. She has helped me improve in such a short time. It is the first time I have experienced any positive results working with a detox specialist. I have worked with two others over the last 21 months on this healing protocol.

After purchasing one of Bianca’s service packages, she gave me an excellent, thorough and accurate iris reading, sclera reading, herbal protocol, diet recommendations and other helpful therapies and information.

Bianca’s commitment, communication, support, follow-up, expertise, personal experience and and experience working with suffering clients, sets her apart from other detox specialists.

I am very thankful for Bianca and appreciate how she is truly helping me climb out of a 7 month long and painful healing crisis that I was stuck in and was not able to move out from under. Working with a different detox specialist or on my own was not getting me any where.  I am very grateful to be going in the right direction under Bianca’s guidance and care.

I highly recommend working with Bianca for anyone who is suffering and struggling with their health. She is a brilliant detox specialist and a delightful, caring person. I am grateful for her."

And her husband Ed added:
"I would also like to thank Bianca for her guidance with my wife. We have been on this journey for over 30 years. She has endured so many chemo and radiation treatments that we have lost track. Her efforts to detox by herself have been a roller-coaster. With Bianca's help, guidance and encouragement we now have hope and see progress. We're not at the finish line yet but we are taking steps forward and much of the unknown is becoming known."

Debbie, California, USA 

⭐️ "Hi Bianca...guess what...I'M CANCER FREEEEEEEEEE!! Got the results back yesterday and they didn't find any bad cells so either it was a false positive test or the detoxing we have been doing worked! But I didn't pay more for my body to be invaded with a biopsy - I am so thankful!!

It's been about 9 months since I started a new diet plan learning I had bad cells found in my cervix I knew I had to do something! I dug in deeper in a FB health group I was in and someone posted a link to Dr. Morse's video. I thought OMG, this feels like it is the truth from above so the next weeks I watched hours and hours of YouTube videos. Then started my search for a coach wanted iridology testing done, too. That is when someone linked me up with Bianca. She took the time to chat about anything and everything for days...even before I paid her a dime to get my eyes done! I was in awe that this person would take that much time out of her day wanting to help me! Even my daughter reached out to her and again, Bianca answered whatever questions she had!!  That's when I knew that even though she lived in a different country she cared!

I haven't been perfect on the diet (had some cooked vegan meals) but I feel I have been pretty darn good. Not being perfect was how I was able to continue doing it, too. Otherwise, I may have felt overwhelmed and said the heck with it all. There is no one around me doing this or even believes I am sane (except my daughter but she doesn't live nearby)!!! Most days I had fruit along with raw veggies...or at least 90-95%. I usually have a glass of Heal All Tea daily along with a few bottles of DMR herbs/tinctures Bianca recommended too. When first starting I also douched with HAT.

Since starting a more raw diet plan my headaches have also subsided greatly. Only once in a while, I put ice packs around my neck and on my head! I have also skipped a few chiropractor apts (I've been going twice a week for over 20 years) and he tells me that he is seeing improvement and some days only doing 1/2 of what he used to. That is HUGE for me and I love not having such bad headaches and neck pain!! I know I have a ways to go and even though I found out yesterday that I no longer have any bad cells in my cervix (YEA!!!!) I need to continue eating as much fruit as I can on a daily basis. I also hope that after a year I can get my eyes done again to see how they look from Bianca. She really knows her stuff and is willing and ready to help anyone who wants it!"

Glori, Minnesota, USA 

⭐️ "I found Bianca on Facebook after doctors discovered 4 various size tumors in my womb and I could not handle my hypothyroidism anymore truly panicked and looking for a solution to my health problems. I was always without energy, stressed and depressed at the same time, but doctors just kept giving me medicine that did not work.

Bianca prepared my iridology report and protocol in terms of a few days and we got together to chat about everything. She truly took time for me and I brought also my daughter who had already horrible daily migraines at age 10. She put us both on different diets ASAP... I went on 4-week organic fresh orange juice fast because I wanted to heal myself fast, and with my girl, we went to a wholesome plant-based diet with mostly fruits too...

After only a few weeks my daughter was a migraine free and I kept going with mostly fruits with some salads and vegan dish once in a blue moon. After 2 months I hit a horrible healing crisis and Bianca was helping me through it with compassion and attentiveness I was truly impressed by, whatever I asked her via personal messages on FaceBook or Instagram she answered right away. I felt I have a best friend who is taking care of me as well on the tip of my fingers literally.

On month 6 I hit truly scary super painful healing crisis. I was bleeding 15 days and Bianca was even worried but I wanted to continue and was drinking only fresh fruit juices and Heal All Tea as she recommended... On day 16 I eliminated all 4 tumors (one into a toilet by surprise) and could not believe my eyes. Next day I was a new woman and also my thyroid issues disappeared. I was astonished and so grateful for all the knowledge and love she gave me and my daughter so we could be pain-free, healthy and happy.

Thank you, Bianca, for your time, love and knowledge, we are truly grateful and recommend you to everybody while helping others as well now!"

Kerstin & Nala, Düsseldorf, Germany

⭐️ "I was suffering from arthritis for 2 years. I was also anemic, had horrible blemishes all over my body and was said by doctors that I will have to take medicine till the rest of my life. Because of pain in my knees, hip, shoulder and 2 fingers I could not sleep sometimes or walk or do things normally. I had also a cyst in my left knee making walking impossible. I had surgery on my knee to remove a cyst in 2014, but it came back in a year, and removal of tissue on my heel that turned out to be bursitis... I was vegan for years while looking for natural remedies because clearly, no allopathic doctor could truly help me when a friend recommended Bianca. She did iridology and a detailed diet plan for me, spent hours answering my questions and explaining to me how to change my lifestyle... 3 weeks after my post-protocol long chat with Bianca, few PMs on Facebook & me taking all of her advice & suggestions my pain was gone, I felt energized and incredibly well, better than ever. On the 3rd weekend I even took a hike with my whole family to the local mountain and woods and after 4 hours of walking I did not feel tired and I had no pain despite the fact I was not working out or doing any walks for almost 2 years prior. I can sleep well, I walk to 6th floor few times daily without any issues, I feel way happier, all the pain, anemia and blemishes are gone, and I got my life finally back!

Thank you, Bianca, for sharing your knowledge and experience with myself and my family, we are truly grateful and recommend you to all who are serious about their health and natural healing path."

Vesna, Ljubljana, Slovenia

⭐️ "OMG Bianca I just scrolled through the report and thoroughly reviewing it now, and you have done an AMAZING job on this analysis!!! This is the best medical report I've ever seen about my health!!!! Wowwwww! You're the best!"

3 months later...

Breast cancer 4th stage major recovery & healing achieved...

Anette's Facebook group:

"The 40-day grape and lemon juice cleanse, along with botanicals/herbs, and other protocols is what I personally used to heal stage 4 IBC (inflammatory breast cancer)!!!

I did NO conventional treatments and looked to nature for the answer - and it delivered me out of a sickly body!"

Anette, Illinois, USA

⭐️ "I contacted Bianca for my personal health and needing a shining light on her experiences with healing degeneration and guidance in my own Iridology reading and health complications. She has such a huge impact in the alternative sense to healing and raw food knowledge and lifestyle changes needed to truly make a lasting imprint on one's future health freedom. I knew I wanted to get the help of someone to read my eyes with experience and there own case studies of people going through battles and taking charge of there direction authentically and seriously.

Her prompt investment with me was taken so personally and graciously that it was needed as I've had my doubts but also depressed days losing faith that her confidence and structure was a huge faithful heart returned in my passion to see things through and become a specialist in the field alongside Dr. Morse training and focus on the path that is not as complex as it needs to be. Eat fruit, be kind, move your body and stress less, just focus on gratitude and thankfulness to be giving your body a chance to detox, regain strength and compassion for everything that was taken from living with chronic pain.

When Bianca did a full write up and explanation of my own iris readings and current health issues and the next steps, it was exactly what I needed and hope for and more! She was so detailed and knowledgeable about her findings and me as an individual and my struggles and how I'm absolutely capable of making a change and getting bright blue eyes!!! As generation weaknesses showed present but being now raw food and a grape lover with using herbs and healthful detox strategies I'm well on my way to becoming a better version I never thought possible thanks to having faith, and healers such as Bianca who show a huge passion for what life can be disease free, compassionate to animals and others and that we don't have to live in pain. Also, taking note that Bianca is real and will tell you exactly her personal facts about real-world health and nutrition topics to global health trends/ cruelty and reasons to go green and how to just be a soulful and healthy bright being that we all deserve, animals included!!!!

I am very grateful that Bianca took the time to help me as she made me feel ever so important and excited to make the necessary decisions and pushing forward and acknowledging that she will always be there to answer questions and concerns. That's something you don't receive at an allopathic or doctors offices. I definitely feel I can communicate to Bianca no matter how busy she is, that she cares so much and loves what she does that she will be a huge support to myself and many others as a foundation supporting the real and true ways to detox and whole body rejuvenation!!!

Thank you so much."

Heather, Minnesota, USA

"We contacted Bianca thanks to my friend, she has continually been a great resource since day one of my son Collins' health issues.  One day she wrote an amazing testimony for herself and I just had to know what she was doing, so we were referred to the DRM Facebook Group Page.  That is where we consulted with Jon Stearns and actually, Gary Parent performed Iridology and assigned a protocol for him.  We continued to consult with Jon Stearns and make very little progress.  But we had faith in what we were doing, it just made perfect sense.  Fast forward a year July 2018 and Collin hasn't made a ton of progress, however, he was pretty weak genetics/constitution and chalked it up to such (along with Extreme Malabsorption and Chronic Fatigue) .

If my memory serves me right April and I was talking/texting and it was then that she suggested contacting Bianca, she spoke very highly of her, this gave me new hope!  We immediately contacted Bianca and she immediately performed Iridology and Sclerogoly on Collin and she gave us immediate results of his eye reading.  She also followed up with a Skype phone call of 2 hours, her immediate attention to Collin was absolutely astounding!  She suggested to put Collin on a two-week juice fast, he almost immediately saw results of a healing crisis.  Prior to this juice fast, no one ever suggested a juice fast, it kills me that we possibly wasted a whole year in not doing this from the very beginning.  Fast forward about 2 months now Collin appears to be filtering on a daily basis, filtering in the past was a daily struggle.  We feel we have been handled the appropriate tools on how to conquer my son's health issues.  I am looking forward to his reading at the beginning of the year to see what progress he has made.

Actually prior to contacting Bianca, we felt it was necessary to contact the DRM office, but unfortunately, they are so overwhelmed with readings, questions, etc it would take 3-4 days before receiving any type of reply to questions.

Bianca, we are so thankful for you.  You provided over the top assistance with my son, you were literally there for him and me when he was literally having a healing crisis' and walked us through those moments when we needed you the most.  You continue to ask how he is doing even when its been a couple of days since we last spoke, you are truly a blessing."

April, LawnDale, CA, USA

"I just want to thank Bianca for being such a great coach, friend, and wonderful tutor in these last 6 months. She went above and beyond my expectation. She is professional and very knowledgeable. She

has shown me all her compassion and love. She gave me strength and courage during the detox process. I'm not healed yet but the tumors are stable and there is no metastasis. We continue to work hard together as a team. Thank you very much, Bianca!!!"

Rosa, Italy 

⭐️ "Working with Bianca has been an amazing experience. As someone who is fully committed to your growth, she will be there with you every step of the way to help you with everything you need. I’ve been very lucky to work with Bianca and have her beside me to answer any questions or concerns. My iridology/sclerology reports revealed so much, and we got to work on those very quickly. I feel so alive being on Bianca’s protocol, and know that I am on the path to health and Wellville.  The healing process is full of ups and downs, and it’s so important to have a skilled specialist to support you through your journey. Bianca is so loving, attentive, and truly cares for your wellbeing. She is incredibly responsive and answers very quickly so that I feel heard and understood. You can clearly tell she loves what she does and has an incredibly big heart and passion for it. I highly recommend that those interested on the healing path work with Bianca, because she is the best at what she does. I only wished that I found her sooner because she is amazing and an instrumental part of my healing!"

Kat, Long Beach, California 

⭐️ "Bianca been my health coach for almost three months, she been my anchor, my support, someone who is there anytime, when I have a question she responds quickly which is the best for who is in pain and wants answers, and she knows it all! I felt lost and in despair before meeting her. She has been my lifesaver. Now I am on the road to recovery with her encouragement and support. Thank you! "

Herminia, Portsmouth, USA

⭐️ I contacted Bianca because I wanted some guidance on my healing journey. As I had already been a raw vegan for 3 years and felt like I always had to be the one helping others, I wanted to get some expert knowledge - a real “diagnosis” of my overall health. It was so eyeopening to see that I had some more healing to do and understood what to focus on. I did a 25-day juice fast as Bianca’s iridology analysis motivated me to step up my detox. My favorite thing was that Bianca recommended specific herbal formulas for my particular problem areas. I never trusted herbs before but after actually trying them I could immediately feel the power of the herbs! Thanks to the full package I got from Bianca, I was able to ask Bianca any questions I had and her emotional support also helped me feel confident as I finally found someone who actually understands what true health is and knows the way of achieving it. I am eternally grateful for Bianca’s work as she is a true expert in this field. I have already recommended her to my family and friends as my husband was able to heal his tuberculosis naturally as well thanks to her. Doctors had no clue how to help my husband and wanted to do a surgery but Bianca came like an angel and helped my husband gain confidence that he never had as he was super skeptical and finally understood that he can actually heal naturally. And he did! Thank you, Bianca! Your work is magic! ?

Kristina & Subrat, Vienna, Austria 

⭐️ "I originally contacted Bianca for help with my husband who was suffering a medical issue that had him incapacitated with severe pain. Bianca immediately went to work reading his eyes and writing a protocol for him. We were so impressed with her work! The iridology and sclerology reports were both beautifully done and easy for us to understand. My husband adhered strictly to the protocol outlined for him and before long was physically active once again! All along the way Bianca always made herself available to answer questions and showed that she really cared by reaching out to us regularly to check on his status.  Not only did Bianca support and guide us on the way to body healing, but she suggested meditative and gentle physical exercises for a holistic (whole-istic) healing experience. Her professionalism coupled with her kind and caring heart made for a truly outstanding experience for my husband and I both.   I really can't say enough good things about her- she is clearly dedicated and passionate about her work. Thank you, Bianca!"

April & Patric, Assawoman, Virginia 

⭐️ "Detoxification is a long, exhausting and challenging but also an exciting journey and I'm very blessed and grateful to be able to share it and receive support from like-minded individuals such as Bianca. She is sharing many valuable resources about juicing and detoxing and her iridology report was a big wake up call for me. It helped me to see where I'm currently on my journey to optimal health. Bianca is always here for me when I have some questions. I would gladly recommend her to anyone who is serious about their health and wellbeing ❤"

Jaro, Rotterdam, Netherlands 

⭐️ "I came to Bianca in February 2018, because I'd read several people who had used her and highly recommended, but also she had shared she had been working with cancer patients and other very sick patients and had very high success with them. As I'd been struggling with a lot in my health (undiagnosed), I wanted to be sure I chose someone who was experienced but also was unafraid to tell me what I needed to hear and change, while offering care and help in the process.

Bianca shared how she helped her mother heal from colon and ovarian cancer and it greatly impressed me. I got right to work with her, and she had my very detailed iridology (she also includes sclerology!) reports to me via email and we scheduled a time to talk over the Facebook phone. She speaks several languages fluently, including English, which is my native tongue. I was so thrilled with the whole experience of her taking time to really personalize our time together, sharing some of her own story and background, her own healing story, and encouraging me that though my eyes showed a lot of work, I wasn't going to die that week. LOL.

She immediately put me on two weeks of only freshly made orange juice, some specific herbs and tea, and recommended douching and enema once a week with Morse Heal All Tea. I was walking daily, doing deep breathing, dry brushing, tried to take a hot detox bath once every week or two, did castor oil packs over various organs at night to help detox, and I also did some emotional healing work on myself.

During those two weeks she was available on Facebook for me with any questions or worries or struggles...always encouraging and kind and helpful. That was such a blessing...I have been into the holistic healing world for years now, but going all fruit is a totally different level, lol. It requires strength and determination, but the support really is completely worth adding into the package, because sometimes the mind plays tricks during rough moments and someone's encouragement who knows and has been through much of it is really huge.

I have stayed all fruit all day until dinner, or during the week I'd sometimes just do all fruit with some veggies or cooked plant food in the evening. Then I would do intermittent fasting for between 14-18 hours at night till the next day. Then I have my tea and tinctures and an hour later start on my fruit.

I just started a 30-40 day grape fast to really see if I can bump up some stronger progress in my healing journey, and am excited to see what happens! I feel I have more tools and knowledge on hand to do fasts and hit things harder without freaking out. This is over time, gaining confidence while seeing the body response. I have gone through a healing crisis's for sure, but I welcome them as it means my body is responding! Afterward, I can always see positive changes!

⭐️ When I first started with Bianca my BBT was between right about 94.4 consistently. This last week I started taking my temp again and it has been consistently between 97 and 98!!!! That is HUGE!!!! Things are improving!

My skin is much clearer...I don't need or use any lotions anymore for dryness unless skin was chapped by the heavy wind...I used to have a lot more discoloration on my cheeks, along with rough patches. My arms used to have that Keratosis Pilaris (little red bumps) and are now gone. I have seen moles reducing in size, and hoping to see them falling off soon, I have seen my chronic constipation despite doing tons of veggies, go from every few days to several times a day! I have gained much more energy, and some of my gray hairs have started reversing!

I'm still working to heal the pain in several areas and get my lungs 100% from bad mold exposure damage. I am believing and doing the work. It takes dedication and removing the negative medical opinions and claims around you. You can achieve amazing things if you focus the mind and stay the course. It works!

I'm so grateful for Bianca and have recommended her to many people I know. She's a gem with her knowledge, her kindness, heart to help, and ability to lead and guide in the healing journey. Blessings to you as you start your own journey! You can do it!"

Sarah, Auburn Hills, Michigan

⭐️ "Oh my god Bianca Zvorc Morris I'm so grateful for your advice, it is very very much appreciated..... Instead of water fasting, with unnatural mineral water, I've done a 24 hour dry fast yesterday, and another 14 hour dry fast today. And I feel so much better than on water fasts, I will be referring on some nutritious grapes, papaya, apples and blueberries, with a few salads. I just wanted to express my gratitude for this amazing person and advice. And anyone in this group, JUST KNOW YOU ARE IN GREAT HANDS....."

Alex,  Louisville, KY, USA (member of Vegan Ethical Dr. Morse Group)

⭐️ "I just wanted to thank you for all your awesome replies, information and writings...The wealth of knowledge you share is incredible, which I appreciate greatly and I learn sooo much from reading your posts!!!"

K.C., LA, California (member of Vegan Ethical Dr. Morse Group)

⭐️ I found Bianca's facebook group when I just had discovered Dr. Morse. I could see that she had a real passion for natural healing and she knew what she was talking about. I had a lot of health issues (fatigue, candida, PMS, bloating, feeling cold all the time, low blood sugar etc.) when I contacted Bianca for a consultation. My favorite thing with the consultation call was that it felt like I was talking to a really good friend. Detoxing can be so scary but she told me to embrace the process, and she would always support me through it. Bianca really cares for her clients and she made me feel safe and heard.

The iridology/sclerology reading was incredibly informative and covered everything. She didn't sugarcoat anything and where real honest with what was going on. She highlighted the biggest issues and gave me clear guidance on how to start fixing them. I didn't think I would be able to pull off a 2-week mono-fruit juice fast, but I made it with her support. During that juice fast, some of the candida disappeared together with lots of waste from my bowels. I still have a bit to go but I have already ripped lots of benefits from this new lifestyle. My energy is back to normal, my skin is glowing, some moles have fallen off, my blood sugar has stabled, I'm not cold anymore (even in wintertime), my self-respect has gone up massively, I can dry fast for 24h without it even being hard, my kidneys filter, I have released a minimum of 5m of mucoid plaque from my bowels along with parasites and mucus, I feel calmer and happier. I will continue with this lifestyle forever. Thank you, Bianca!

Mina, Norway

⭐️ "Želela bi povedati svojo zgodbo, ki se je na srečo končala z Biancino pomočjo in velikim srcem - srečno.

Moje težave z zdravjem so se pokazale, pred tremi leti, ko sem imela 30 let, 2015. Začelo se je kar tako, preko noči v nov dan, najtemnejši dan v mojem življenju.

Nikoli nisem še okusila takšen psiho/fizičen teror, pa sem v življenju prestala že mnoge konkretne stvari, ki vplivajo na spremembe psihe (odvisnost od drog, fitnes drog, dodatkov in alkohola).

Pristala sem v svetu nepoznanega do seveda začela kot vsak "normalen" človek najprej iskati rešitev svojih simptomov na internetu, čakala dva tedna da simptomi prenehajo, to se ni zgodilo in odpravila sem se k zdravniku, ki je trdil, da mi ni nič, po opravljenih preiskavah, ter tendiral k temu, da moram najverjetneje poiskati pomoč psihijatra.

Dalje sem tavala v temi, hodila od zdravnika do zdravnika z groznim počutjem in vse kar so bili sposobni je predpisati  tablete  (5 različnih znamk) in govoriti da psihično nisem stabilna!

Izpadali so mi lasje, nenormalno sem se redila, luščila se mi je koža, mentalno sem imela občutek, da se mi meša, misli so tekle same po svoji volji in poti, nisem mogla spati, v sunkih se mi je treslo telo, imela sem obsesivne, depresivne, anksiozne napade, generalno anksiozo, panične napade, vsega sem se bala, tudi same sebe, nisem več vedela kaj je resnično in kaj ne, totalno sem izgubila razsodnost in nadzor nad sabo.

Res čudno, da sem imela skoraj vse mentalne bolezni kajne?

Velikokrat sem pomislila na smrt, a tako rada sem imela življenje...

To obdobje je trajalo dve leti, brezizhodno obdobje, bila sem na koncu moči, napolnjena z raznovrstnimi tabletami (psihijatričnimi, za ščitnico, sladkor, hormonskimi), saj mi je bilo vmes ugotovljeno v privatnem laboratoriju, da imam velike hormonske težave.

Počutila sem se slabo, kot da razpadam, kar se je tudi odražalo na moji fizični in psihični podobi, mislila sem, da je to to, da ni rešitve zame in da bom pristala na prihiatriji…

Vsi zdravniki so samo ugotavljali in poskušali na meni različne ukrepe klasične medicine (kemija) in me več ali manj proglasili za mentalno neuvravnovešeno.

To je bilo tudi res, kaj pa je bil vzrok? Mi je na mojo veliko srečo odkrila moja Bianca, ki se je pojavila kot angel v moji temi.

Vzela si je čas zame, prisluhnila moji zgodbi, povprašala o moji preteklosti, razvadah in navadah in hitro sva prešli na konkretno...

Za Biancino delo sem dobila priporočilo od svoje dolgoletne prijateljice iz Dunaja, ki mi je svetovala, da poskusim še z alternativnim pristopom ter da je Bianca izkušena na tem področju, kar se je na koncu izkazalo zares!

Bilo me je strah, težko sem se še kaj verjela po tolikih neuspehih.

Naj še povem, da sem bila stereotipna oseba, ki je verjela v klasično medicino, saj nas tako polnijo s tem že od rojstva in zdravniku se verjame vse, a ne?

Po dolgotrajnem in izčrpnem pogovoru, mi je Bianca svetovala, da ukrepave tako, da vržemo vso kemijo postopoma vstran, tako iz hrane kot kozmetike in okolja, da popolno spremenimo način prehrane, mišljenja o dosedanjih vzorcih hranjenja in zdravljenja, kar pa ni bilo težko, po tem, ko mi je Bianca tako obširno dan za dnem in s polno razumevanja svetovala, mi odgovarjala in prisluhnila ter se posvetila moji vsaki najmanjsi skrbi, dvomu in mentalnem kaosu.

Najprej sva delali na sadnem detoxu, da se očistim vseh strupov, med tem časom sva naredili po Biancinem nasvetu še iridiologijo - analizo oči, da nama je dejansko poznano kaj je moj problem v telesu! Izvedela sem ogromno in mi je bilo končno jasno zakaj takšni problemi in od kod vse težave…

Sledila sem navodilom Biance in že po 14 dneh so se stvari začele premikati na bolje. Neverjetno...začela sem se drugače počutiti, bistreje sem mislila, moja dvoletna megla se je začela razblinjati. Končno premik na bolje in to na čisto preprost način - tudi brez zdravil. Solze sreče in ne več solze nemoči in brezupa.

Dalje sem se držala navodil Biance, bilo je vse bolje in bolje, konstantno sva bili v kontaktu, dan in noč, vedno je bila z mano...počutila sem se zares toplo, sprejeto in razumljeno, kar je v takih trenutkih še kako pomembno.

Kilogrami so začeli padati, lasje in koža regenerirati, mentalno sem vse bolj in bolj občutila izboljšave.

Sedaj ne jemljem nobenih dodatkov, počutim se spet dobro v svoji koži, neverjetno, samo z sadjem in svežimi sokovi ter kratkimi posti.

Enostavnost je Biancin ključ!

Za vse se lahko zahvalim samo eni osebi, osebi velikega srca, znanja in občutka za sočloveka, Bianci!

Vsem, ki imate kakršnekoli zdravstvene probleme ali bi se samo radi bolje počutili, bi priporočila, da se vrnejo nazaj k naravi z Bianco, ki dela čudeže.

Hvala ti Bianca, ker si me vrnila v življenje!"

Maja, Berlin, Nemčija